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10 rules of Web Design

Follow these guidelines to create great websites Homepage Design: Clean and effective index page. Cramming too much into each page creates confusion. Style and Design: Simple web templates or attractive, use the templates as per the requirement of your business. Wrong selection will make a poor impression. Content: Provide quality web content so message can convey to your target audience. Graphical content: While flash and graphics are colourful elements for website. It make your web site attractive. But it might slow down the website making the user wait for minutes. Responsive Layout: It is important that your website displays correctly on different screen sizes. Check your website for errors: Check your websites on a regular basis for typos, broken links, and images that do not load correctly. Write your own code: Ready-made templates and pre-written scripts has their own limitations. It is suitable for small websites but not large. You will be clueless when something

You are my teenage crush!

My short story 2: read Cute love story of Anika & Neel @ my web-page: Genres: Romance, Fiction. Reading Time: 5 min.