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Some facts about Publishing a Book

Ask a question to your self: Why are you write a Book?

1. Do you want to become a professional writer?
2. Or you want to write just for fun, or you have a story to tell, or you are a teenager and want to do some creative work? 

If you come in the second category, then don't bother yourself to find a publisher or pay a cover-designer and copy-editor. Just self-publish your book. Use free tools for cover-design and grammar. Right now Amazon is the best platform for self-publisher.

Because the book business is running on writers, not on readers. Writers pay for everything. Publishing, editing, cover design, promotion. And even after doing all this, how many books are famous. Few, right?

After all, this is a Book, your creativity, your dream world, your story you want to tell. This is not the maths where 1+1 is always 2. UK grammar is different, USA grammar is different, some languages are very old and enrich, very difficult to learn with correct grammar and spelling. And if you are a doctor, engineer, CA or any other technical person then definitely you would never have given importance to grammar in your childhood, like me 🙂

But that doesn’t mean you cannot publish your creativity. Just chill, don't listen to the specialist in literature. They are very rigid for grammar mistake. But in your case, literature is not your field. Right? Even your all readers are not specialist in literature.

Write correctly as much as possible. But don't bother your self to much. Don't waste your money. Remember this is just a book. You are not launching the satellite. 🙂


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