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How to Embed a YouTube Video in a Blogger Blog

  1. Go to your YouTube video.
  2. Click - "SHARE"
  3. Then click - "Embed"
  4. Copy the given link.

  1. Now go to Blogger 
  2. Click - "HTML"
  3. Paste the link

Done 😊


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Type of Logo There are three type of logo 1. only company name 2. symbol as your logo 3. combination of symbol & company name If you choose the company name as your logo. It will be visible to the customers immediately and become your brand’s advertisement as well. But if you choose a symbol as your logo, like Apple, you have to generate awareness about your brand name. And for that, you will have to spend money. You can also use a combination logo that has both the symbol and company name. Text with an icon or symbol, provide clarity as to what your enterprise is all about. Use Colors and Fonts Carefully. There is a science behind colors. Use these standard colors - Blue, red, black, and yellow. Most brands have used these colors. Use only one or two colors. Ninety-five percent of brands use not more than two colors in their logos. If possible then select the transparent background or white background. They are the most common logo design background choice. It will look good and